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Good Fun-d

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide education about and support for the intersection of the world's cultures and ecologies and to explore the impacts these two elements have on one another.


African Connection

Building schools with the Maasai


Lion Conservation

Support Gir Sanctuary 


May 24, 2011, GOOD FUN-D came into being, a non-profit 501c3 entity located in Stowe, Vermont, created by author Jan Reynolds, initially, to give back to the undeveloped, indigenous communities in her award winning, nonfiction books. Sustaining these cultures and environments became the paramount concern, which ultimately lead to broader, global sustainability concerns. GOOD FUN-D feels that education, through direct communication, person to person, student to student, between developed and undeveloped cultures around the world, will lead to long term and quantifiable solutions. 


 GOOD FUN-D has completed projects: in the Himalaya, Sahara, Arctic, Australia, Bali, Amazon Basin, Mongolia, all continents but Antarctica! Recent projects have included live, free webinars with hundreds of schools participating, produced from the field in Bali, and Costa Rica, concerning environmental and cultural issues in the regions. Also, school building for the Maasai tribe in Laikipia, northern Kenya with the AFRICAN CONNECTION project, a philanthropic children to children's program and educational exchange, designed by GOOD FUN-D.


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