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Fine Art Prints

 My passion is extreme photography, which shifts my mindset. I have made my way to very remote areas, to capture the essence of a place and it's people, to try to replicate this sense for my viewer.

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Tibetan Blue

This large photograph 2' X 3' is a limited series of 108, the number of prayer beads on a Buddhist prayer mala. Tibetan Blue should be in every setting where calm and creativity need to be encouraged.
This image, in a series of 4. Each of these photographs was a gift, an unexpected image to appear, when I returned home and processed the film. All photographs were taken in the 1980's with Kodachrome 64, the film which records colors most like the human eye sees them. Studies and data have shown that the color blue can double creativity and productivity. It can also have a strong calming effect. I discovered these facts after putting together the Tibetan Blue Collection when I read the best seller, IMAGINE, by Jon Lehrer. However, my selection of these blue images was purely instinctual and spiritual. Oxygen is a UV filter, and with low O2 content at high altitude, with less filtering, I feel the blues resonate, and they shift my mind, they transport me.

Nangpa La Salt Trade

On assignment for National Geographic I went to the remote Himalaya to cover the ancient salt trade over the world's highest trade pass, Nangpa La, set at 20,000' between Nepal and Tibet. This collection of photographs cannot be replicated as this traditional trade no longer exists, the Chinese have shut down the Nangpa La, and these long yak caravans will never be seen again. They have vanished. I was inspired to capture this way of life before it was gone forever. I feel these ancient cultures have so much more to teach us, than we have to teach them.

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